Tandem Cycle Works is the Leading Calfee Tandem Retailer

When only the best will do, then Calfee is your choice. Think of these bikes as the Ferraris of the tandem world: gorgeous, comfortable speed demons that might just earn you a speeding ticket if you're not careful!

When it comes to carbon, Craig Calfee is the master. Craig has been using carbon in bicycles longer than anyone. Carbon and bamboo bikes are what he builds -- and that's all he builds. Other builders may make claims about lightness or comfort, but the proof is in the test ride: Calfee frames are THE lightest and THE most comfortable bikes on the planet, period.

Calfee Design, together with Tandem Cycle Works, customizes the Tetra and Dragonfly tandem bicycles to meet each rider's specific needs. As the number one Calfee tandem dealer in the world, Tandem Cycle Works can help you build your dream tandem. We work with Craig Calfee and his team to assure that every specification matches the needs of a particular tandem team. This specialized process of custom designing a tandem means that a variety of factors are considered in the construction of each bike.

The Calfee name guarantees top quality, durability, and superb craftsmanship using high technology materials. Calfee's warranty backs this up. These tandems have a 25-year, transferable warranty. Compare this to the other carbon bike builders and you will be surprised to learn that 3-year and 5-year warranties are the norm.

Calfee tandems are not for everyone, but discerning tandem riders will appreciate these stunning bikes. Just be ready for the envious looks as you ride around!

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