Tandem Bicycle Rentals

While riding a tandem is not considerably different than riding a single bike, it is a new experience for most riders. After all, you’ll be riding as a team, with two of you on the same bike.

At Tandem Cycle Works, we understand this. That’s why we recommend that you rent a tandem for a day to become familiar with the nuances of the sport before making a purchase. Unlike other shops, we will spend time showing you how to ride a tandem. It’s not difficult, just different.

When you and your partner come in for a test ride, you’ll already be comfortable with riding together on a tandem. So, when you’re comparing different manufacturers and frame materials, you’ll be able to focus on the “feel of the bike,” rather than trying to familiarize yourself with the sport at the same time.

Tandem Cycle Works has two Co-Motion tandems as rentals. Rental fees are $49 per day.

Please call in advance to reserve: (303) 715-9690.