Tandem Tours

The previous owners of Tandem Cycle Works, Patrick Gibbons and Lynn Dexter, have a NEW venture called Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc. There is simply nothing that can compare to a cycling vacation with other tandems. The fun, camaraderie and adventures that you will have are simply indescribable. The attention that a group of tandems gets is incredible!

Tandem Bicycle Tours


Having offered tandem tours to customers for the last ten years through Tandem Cycle Works, Patrick and Lynn have extensive experience with tandem touring, both in designing and leading group tours and, naturally, in riding tandem. They have led bike tours in Italy, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Spain, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and, of course, Colorado, to name a few. They have ridden their tandem in too many places to list here, but simply love riding tandem and sharing this travel experience with others!

MANY of their customers say, “This was the best vacation we have ever had.” The repeat tandem riders that go with them on their trips are a testament to this statement. They can ask for no better endorsement than this.

Bike Touring Philosophy

First and foremost, this is your vacation. Patrick and Lynn want you to have the very BEST time ever! As experienced travelers, they have learned many things about touring by bike over the years, both from personal experiences and from those of customers. Based upon these experiences they design tours as their customers like to travel.

Thoughts on Bike Touring

Some touring companies want to herd you like sheep. They try very hard to keep the group together for rest stops, for lunch and while on the road during the day. This means that faster riders must slow down and wait for all riders to regroup. This also means that slower riders are continually under pressure to catch up. Some vacation! This is NOT their philosophy! Patrick and Lynn believe that you should ride at your own pace, stop when you wish and explore as you desire. They are also on the road with you and will know where you are, but you are free to ride at your own level of comfort and enjoyment.

Select Tours

Each year the tandem trips fill faster than the previous year (some trips have filled in less than three weeks!). If you are interested in going with us on an upcoming tour we suggest that you do not delay contacting Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc.

Iron Donkey Bicycle Touring

For many of tours Tandem Bicycle Tours partners with Tony Boyd of Iron Donkey Bicycle Touring. While we know tandems, Tony knows bike touring and together we plan a customized itinerary that can’t be beat for tandem riders. Having experience with this touring company, we can assure you that you will be well cared for with Iron Donkey.

For More Information

For answers to more questions please visit Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc.