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In 2013, Tandem Cycle Works worked with Co-Motion to create a NEW model of tandem, which we called the Colorado. After gangbuster sales of this bike at Tandem Cycle Works last year, Co-Motion decided to make this model standard in their line-up. Now called the Carrera, (we could not convince Co-Motion to keep the name “Colorado”) this is the evolution of tandems. The Carrera combines the very best features of our two most poplular selling bikes, the Speedster and the Supremo.

Why did we Design this Tandem?

The Co-Motion Speedster has, for many years, been our go-to bike. The Speedster Co-Pilot tandem is the bike that Lynn and Patrick, the owners of Tandem Cycle Works, have ridden for many years. Whether climbing the Stelvio in the Italian Alps, the Crown Range on New Zealand’s South Island, or riding Alpe d’Huez at the Tour, the Speedster Co-Pilot has been our trusty steed.

The dual disc brakes are simply the most impressive brakes that are available on tandems today, and for those wanting to climb (and descend!) passes around the globe, there is simply no choice but to have mechanical discs, front AND rear.

With S&S couplers and the optional Performance Package (Carbon Disc Fork, Gates Belt, Rolf Wheels), the Speedster had been a tremendously popular bike at Tandem Cycle Works since the day we opened our doors in 1996. But the 2014 Speedster, as one of Co-Motion’s flagship tandems, continues to have the traditional frame design, known as the direct lateral design.

The “No-Lateral” Design for Tandems

As tandem technology evolves we see fewer and fewer tandems with the middle or diagonal tube, called the lateral tube in tandem-speak. In fact, Co-Motion pioneered this design for modern tandems in 2005 with the introduction of their PeriScope frames. Craig Calfee of Calfee Designs saw these bikes and began creating his exquisite carbon tandems with this same no-lateral design. Since 2007, every Calfee we have sold has had this no-lateral frame design.

Won’t there be too much Frame Flex?

In 2013, Co-Motion removed the lateral tube from their very best steel tandem, the Supremo. As Co-Motion’s lightest and most elite steel tandem, the Supremo is very much about performance and responsiveness. The first question many ask when they see a no-lateral frame is, “Won’t there be too much frame flex?” The answer to this is a resounding NO! By increasing the diameter of the top, down and boom tubes, Co-Motion creates the same impressive ride quality, but at a lighter weight!

The Best of Both!

Having ridden both Speedsters and Supremos from Co-Motion, to us it was a natural to design a bike that would have the very BEST features of BOTH these 2 bikes. We asked, “Why not create a a bike with front and rear discs, combine the lightweight, no-lateral Supremo frame with touring options like a Speedster to create a high performance touring tandem like no other?” With Co-Motion’s Carbon Disc Fork, Gates Belt and Rolf Wheels, Voila! You have the Co-Motion Carrera!

The Advantages

Here’s the bottom line on this new bike:

  • The Carrera is LIGHTER than the Speedster since it has fewer tubes, and it has the exclusive Supremo frameset, previously only available on the Supremo model.
  • The Carrera has BOTH front and rear discs, a feature 99.9% of our customers ask for.
  • The Carrera comes with the Co-Motion Carbon Disc Fork, Rolf Wheels and Gates Belt Drive.
  • Hands down, the Co-Pilot version with S&S couplers, packs MUCH easier than the lateral coupled frames.
  • Not convinced yet? Well how about this? The Carrera Co-Pilot is almost $500 LESS than the Speedster Co-Pilot with the same groupo!

Summing it All Up

  • The Carrera is lighter than a Speedster
  • The Carrera has a better frame than the Speedster since it uses Supremo tubing.
  • The Carrera includes the Performance Package.
  • The Carrera Co-Pilot packs easier for travel than the Speedster Co-Pilot.
  • The Carrera is a high performance touring bike, with many “go-fast” features such as a carbon fork and low-spoke-count wheels, yet includes eyelets and braze-ons for racks, and room for larger tires.
  • The Carrera Co-Pilot is less expensive than the Speedster Co-Pilot!

Kind of a no-brainer, hm?

Why Wait?

Call your local shop and ask how many Carrera Co-Pilots they have in stock… then call Tandem Cycle Works!

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Highly Advanced Zonally-Butted Reynolds 631 Air-Hardened Steel Tubing


Co-Motion Tandem Carbon Disc Fork


Rolf Prima Tandem


FSA Gossamer Tandem Crankset


No Coupler, Co-Pilot

Performance Package