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If you’re looking for a tandem bicycle you may already have found that it doesn’t take long to become overwhelmed by the choices you’re faced with. It’s tempting to buy a tandem bike from a big-name bike company. But you’ll find that a Co-Motion tandem will reward you many times over for just a little more.

The Primera Co-Pilot is the best value coupled tandem on the market. At Tandem Cycle Works we equate Co-Motion tandems to BMW automobiles. These companies define the word “luxury” in their respective markets. A lower priced BMW is STILL a BMW, just like the lower-priced Primera is STILL a Co-Motion!

Co-Motion Cycle’s reputation for the best handling tandems is upheld with unbeatble geometry and the hand built Co-Motion tandem fork. The Primera is ready to take on loaded touring, but you can really feel the speed in its blood when you’re spinning together smoothly on a long, smooth strip of pavement. We recommend front and rear Avid Mechanical disc brakes on the Primera to provide fast descending and stopping power when you need it.

This tandem comes specified with tandem components from the industry’s best manufacturers to add even more value. It’s the thoughtful details like these that will enhance your pride of ownership owning a genuine Co-Motion. And since the Primera is made to last a lifetime, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve made an intelligent choice for years to come.

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Zonally-Butted Cro-Moly Steel Tubing


Co-Motion Taper Gauge w/CNC Tandem Steerer


A-10 Disc Hubs; Velocity Dyad Rims


TruVativ Elita Tandem Crankset


No Coupler, Co-Pilot