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When Co-Motion Cycles introduced its first tandems over 20 years ago, they were considered radical oddballs to design tandems just for people who like to go fast. They didn’t think it was so crazy to make tandems more like the bicycles we all love to ride, so they continued dreaming up new ideas while building the company making elegant, exhilarating, beautiful tandems.

The race to make better tandems has taught Co-Motion the importance of simplicity. Making a lighter tandem means using less material, while rethinking where the material that must be used is most effective. In the true minimalist sensibility, the Macchiato is pared down to its essential elements, stripping away tradition along with unnecessary mass.

With its impossibly low weight, the Macchiato is equally surreal in performance. When it comes to putting cleat to pedal, the Macchiato is very, very real. You won’t miss the tradition or the extra weight of other tandems when you fly up the climbs and outstrip your personal bests with unbelievable speed.

While outwardly simple, the compact design of the Macchiato represents a reinvention of virtually every tube in its construction. The Macchiato’s impressively sized bi-oval downtube intersects with a deeply machined headtube, radically profiled zonally-butted top tube, and optimally ovalized seattubes, forming a muscular, compact stature. Designed and custom constructed just for you, Co-Motion goes the extra mile to make certain your Macchiato is perfectly fitted and balanced to focus your strengths and harness the power of teamwork, and the power of new ideas.

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