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The Co-Motion Equator tandem is a unique innovation from Co-Motion. Using the Rohloff SPEEDHUB the Equator provides a range of gears not available on other bikes. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB is an internally geared hub developed for those who can appreciate reliability, perfect single gear ratios, wide range of gears, low maintenance and easy operation. The sealed gearbox ensures reliability and durability even under the toughest conditions. The even increments of 13.6% from gear to gear make it possible to always ride at the performance peak. The overall range makes sure that you have the right gear in every situation. Pure fun is guaranteed.

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB is operated by a twist shifter which shifts simply by pulling separate cables up or down. The indexing of the shifting lies not in the shifter as with common designs, but inside the hub. There is no wear on the indexing system nor need to adjust it.

New for 2015! No-Lateral frame means the Equator is now easier to pack AND the price dropped!

If you are seeking a tandem to load up and take touring on self-supported journeys the Equator is a great choice.

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