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There’s no need to put off buying a performance tandem bicycle just because you have a growing family.

You’ll want to ride this incredibly adjustable performance tandem bike as much as you can. Both the captain’s and stoker’s seat positions are quickly and easily changed without tools. It just takes a couple of minutes to set the bike up for almost anyon. The Torpedo is equipped with front and rear disk brakes so stopping your bike is almost as much fun as going.

With the choice of either the 26-inch or 700C wheeled frame, large diameter tubing and compact frame, this tandem means you won’t sacrifice any performance. The central concept of the PeriScope remains the same, with the double-clamping seat-mast system in use on the stoker position. Up front Co-Motion has developed a single quick-release seat collar for the captain.

Although the Torpedo was designed with families in mind, it’s perfect for situations where one or two captains may want to ride with a variety of different stokers. The Torpedo gives balance- or sight-impaired riders an opportunity to ride a bicycle, possibly for the first time in their lives. If your dream is adjustability and performance there really is only one choice.

The Torpedo tandem allows your whole family to get involved with your passion for cycling. Share it with your family then if you still have energy left- share it with your friends.

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Zonally-Butted Co-Motion Design Cro-Moly Steel Tubing


Co-Motion Taper Gauge w/CNC Tandem Steerer, Disc Only


DT 540 Disc Hubs; Velocity Aeroheat Rims(26") / Velocity Dyad Rims (700c)


FSA Gossamer Tandem Cranks


No Coupler, Co-Pilot

Performance Package

No, Yes