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Redesigned with a lower profile fork and trimmed clearances to make it a better road bike the Mocha has an improved fitting range for a wider array of riders. The Mocha will accept tires ranging from 1″ to 1.75″ wide, offering great versatility for a wide range of uses. The Mocha is not a mountain bike, but it can venture off into the backcountry capably when called upon. Loaded down with everything you need on a self-contained tour, the Mocha really shines. Its smaller diameter 26″ wheels are amazingly strong, and many people also prefer them for their worldwide availability and even for the reduced gear ratios due to their size.

The Mocha’s design and geometry exhibits the handling theory that is Co-Motion’s trademark. You’ve heard that their tandems handle better, and the Mocha responds to rider input naturally and without hesitation, giving you extra confidence to push yourselves just a little harder, and have a lot more fun!

Continuing the tradition of uncommon excellence, the Mocha is built with Co-Motion’s designed zonally-butted tandem tubing. Special processing makes this air-hardening steel tubing stronger after welding, for an amazing combination of low weight and unmatched reliability. The Mocha has everything you need to take it touring this weekend and to your club ride or tandem rally next. Add the Co-Pilot option and take it to the moon if you’d like!

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