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As more families strive to find healthful activities they can do together, Co-Motion Cycles has seen an enormous increase in triplet and quad sales. The PeriScope Trident and Trident Convertible, introduced in 2005, have made triplets more affordable and versatile than ever before. When introduced, Co-Motion expected to see fewer “traditional” triplet sales. How wrong they were! In fact, with more triplet options, Co-Motion is fielding more inquiries for triplets, quads and multiples than ever before.

Each Co-Motion Triplet or Quad is built just for you and your family, your riding pals, or for your business. Since each one is custom made, specs are listed here only in general terms. Chocies include air-hardened steel Speedster Triplets and Quads, and Easton 7005 Aluminum Triplets and Quads. More options include 700c wheel or 26″ wheel options. Quints are available too.

Convertible Triplets and Quads are also a great option. With special geometry and with S+S couplers placed in key locations, Co-Motion can create a convertible Speedster Triplet or Quad for you. The options can be confusing. For instance, a quad can be built that converts to a Triplet with just 6 S+S couplers. But the picture becomes more complicated if you also want the option to make it fit into airline-checkable luggage. You may opt for it to convert to a Triplet or Double (tandem), but make it airline checkable only when it’s a Double.

Confused? Don’t worry. Co-Motion Cycles and Tandem Cycle Works willl guide you through your purchase with great care. A custom Triplet or Quad may well be the most expensive bicycle you’ll ever buy, and we want to make certain that you’re well informed and comfortable with your choice.

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Zonally-Butted Co-Motion Design Cro-Moly Steel Tubing


Co-Motion Taper Gauge w/CNC Tandem Steerer, Disc Only


DT 540 Disc Hubs; Velocity Aeroheat Rims


FSA Gossamer Tandem Cranks


No Coupler, Convertible