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Breaking the mold is typical for Co-Motion. When it comes to design, innovation and creativity, no one else compares, and this could not be more evident than with Co-Motion’s Java, the tandem to take on extremes.

Designed with Co-Motion’s proprietary super-sized zonally-butted cro-moly tubing, the Java is an excellent choice of tandem for touring. Co-Motion’s larger than life hand-built 29″ tandem fork make this bike the sturdy steed. The 29″ wheels give the Java amazing versatility. If it’s off into the wilderness you go, this 29’er have plenty of clearance for large tires and fenders. When it’s time for the road warrior ride, the Java can handle 700c tires for road rides when riding “civilized”- disc brakes make it easy.

With its ultra-rugged frame and big 29″ wheels, getting away from vehicle traffic has never been easier or more fun. The Java’s rugged frame and specially-built fork are designed to get you to your most exotic destination grinning widely.

See the video about the Java from the North American Handbuilt Show (NAHBS) in Denver, Feb 22-24, 2013.

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Co-Motion Design Super-Sized Zonally-Butted Cro-Moly Tubing


Co-Motion Taper Gauge w/ CNC Tandem Steerer


DT540 Hubs; Velocity Cliffhanger Rims


FSA Gossamer Tandem Crankset


No Coupler, Co-Pilot