Great Tandems at a Great Value

Looking for a great tandem that won't break the bank? Look no further than KHS! No other bike manufacturer meets the value of a KHS tandem in today's market. Many features found on KHS tandems are similar to those found on more expensive tandems, making these bikes very attractive to many of our first-time customers.

KHS has maintained a commitment to tandem bikes in their long history. While other companies, like Trek or Cannondale, might make tandems occasionally, it is an on-again, off-again story. They might make tandems for a year, then quit; then, offer them again a couple of years later. Those companies simply build tandems as an afterthought. KHS has produced tandems every year, steadily, for many years and they continue to advance the bikes, while keeping prices reasonable. Current models come standard with front and rear disc brakes -- something you will NOT find in other tandems at this price range!

If your goal is to spend less than $2,000 on a complete tandem that will bring you many years of fun and enjoyment, no builder beats KHS for quality and price. For first-time tandem buyers or for families looking for a bike that everyone can enjoy, KHS tandems are a perfect fit!

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