The Brian & Kirk Saunders Trophy

On May 29,1997 twin brothers, Brian and Kirk Saunders successfully became the first people to ride their tandem bike to the summit of Mount Evans. Well known to locals, the grueling ride tops out at 14,264 feet on a climb that is 28 miles long with approximately 2100m vertical ascent. If you’ve been up it you know it is a true feat of endurance!

While Brian suffered from a rare genetic heart condition that, while not life threatening, often renders sufferers with difficulty performing basic exercise, he was determined to never ever let it affect his passion for cycling. With his brother Kirk, they were able to show, through tandem cycling large distances, that no feat is too great, and summiting their local 14er at Mount Evans (the highest road in North America!) proved this more than anything!

To inspire others to attempt this amazing feat, in 1998 they created The Brian and Kirk Saunders trophy, awarded to the most recent team to summit Mount Evans. The current holders get the trophy for as long as it takes for another team to complete the feat! But as we say, it’s not whether you hold the trophy for an hour or a year, it’s whether you hold it at all!

People have come from far and wide to put their name in the history books and all winners of the trophy also get their name etched into the honor board. Will you be next??!
For official attempts, all participants must register here [registration page link]

A tandem bike must be used for entire ascent
Riders ride at own risk and must adhere to all road and safety rules
Team must be pre registered to claim trophy
Bike can be powered only by human power
The climb begins at Clear Creek Middle School and finishes at summit car park
There is no time limit on ascent but summit must be reached on same day as ride is started.
After Echo Lake cyclists may take toll road (there is $3 fee per cyclist)
Ride must only be attempted in the season. “The Season” varies year to year but is once road is OFFICIALLY opened once snow is cleared, usually the Friday before Memorial Day. Attempts made before road is ploughed and opened are dangerous and will not be counted.
Attempt application fee of $200 is mandatory and non-refundable in the event of an unsuccessful attempt (we use the cash to buy the trophy each year and maintain the event!)
Say hello to the mountain goats for us and have fun!!

Trophy winners!
05/20/98 – Brian Saunders / Kirk Saunders
06/18/00 – Lawrence Dole / Dale Renkin
09/01/00 – Brian Saunders / Kirk Saunders
05/12/03 – Lawrence Dole / Dale Renkin
06/11/03 – Hugh Lewis / Penny Lewis
10/14/09 – Dorothy Asden / George Asden
06/11/10 – Tamara Tate / Alex Ujhdvic
09/03/11 – Ramesh Hildi / Michael “Mikey” Johns
07/22/16 – Josh Hole / Kent Patrick
05/20/18 – Bernadette Watkins / Tamara Tate